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Friday, July 9, 2010

BCSR Short Version Info

Unis have 2 options:

A. 3 Race Series- Time Trial, Criterium, and Road Race. $30 total registration fee. Greater than 29in wheel required. Good prizes and swag. 1,2, or 3 lap options for the Road Race. Total elapsed time will determine final standings for the series. Saturday's races are on closed courses, but Sunday's is on an open road course. All rules of the road must be obeyed. Riders should wear a bright colored jersey on Sunday. A rearview mirror is a good idea for the Road Race. A brake isn't required, but it's also a good idea.

(Note- If you have a 36er you can choose to pay the $30 and do events ala carte too).

B. Crit B only option: A "fun" 29in and under criterium for anyone who can ride a uni. Some prizes and a bit of swag, but not as much as the series racers get.

Exceptions to these options must be cleared with Dave in advance.

Registration for the 3 race series is Friday night. You may be able to register Saturday morning for the 3 race series, but it must be done BEFORE 8am. If no prior arrangements have been made to register on Saturday you may not get the nice swag that the series racers get!

Crit B only option racers may register at 11am on Saturday. Crit B will start at approximately 12:55pm.

All participants must be USA members and wear a helmet and gloves. Kneepads are recommended.

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