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We're indoors in the Winter at the Butler YMCA on Saturdays from 4 - 6pm (Except last Saturday of the month)We're outdoors in the other seasons (well, sometimes in Winter as well too).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Y Time Dec 24th or 31st

Both days the Y is closed.

If you get a uni over the holidays, you can show it off January 7th, 2012.

It's also a good time to kick off those New Year's resolutions. Unicycle yourself into better shape!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Phew, alot of information - all about the different uni disciplines.

There are many disciplines with in the unicycling community. North American Unicycling Convention and Competition (NAUCC or “Nationals”) are held every year and there are competitions in the various disciplines at each NAUCC event. Nationals are a great way to see how the various disciplines work and meet others who love to ride their unis. It’s also an amazing learning experience, as sometimes the best way to learn a new trick is to watch others and ask them how they learned it.

The Butler Wobble - that’s what we call ourselves - will be attending again in 2012. Nationals in 2012 will be July 10-15 in Saline, MI. Saline’s only 4 ½ hours away! Mark you calendars now! Beginners are welcome in all events. There are age groups for everyone. Because UNICON (World’s) is also in the summer of 2012, this year’s Nationals may be less heavily attended - which will be great for new riders!
There is a registration fee for competiiors. It’s not too expensive, usually around $100. So, since we are able to meet at the Y free, start saving now by setting aside a few dollars each week you attend at the Y as your “fee” and you’ll have saved up much of the Nationals entry fee!

Also, you are required to be a Unicycling Society of America (USA) member to participate in Nationals. We don’t ask that you join USA to participate at the Y. However, when the Wobble participates in parades or MUni events we ask that those participating be USA members because one of the benefits of USA Membership is insurance for the club as a group, and for the individuals who are participating as part of that group. Membership is $20/individual or $35/family (all members at the same address). See http://uniusa.org/membership/ for more information. When you do join USA, please let us know so that we can update The Wobble Roster.

Below is a brief description of each discipline, the uni ridden and any other requirements as well as some video links. Many of the disciplines overlap and therefore there are often multiple events for each competitor to enter. Many disciplines require knee pads and gloves. A helmet is required for MUni and Trials.

Distance/Racing - Uni: Standard is under 24”, ungeared w/ cranks no shorter than 125mm. Unlimited class is anything with a virtual wheel larger than 24”.
Distance racing is racing that is not on the track, and is longer than 1500m. It may include a Criterium (crit), Marathon, and 10K. Not all distance events are held at all Nationals. It depends on the hosting city and their resources. Distance races are most often pack starts and raced as a group - there are gaps in the pack as the races progresses.

A Crit is a short circuit course, often a small city block where the racers complete a set number of laps. There are often standard and unlimited heats as well as age and gender classes. It’s a fast race, because the course is short, and is very spectator friendly. The 10K often has both standard and unlimited class as well. It’s often part road, part park, part bike path. Again, it depends on the host city’s available accommodations. A marathon is 42K (26.2 mi) and often is only offered for the unlimited class. It is often, mostly, a road race.

Flatland - Uni: 20”
Flatland riding is a combination of Street and Freestyle. It’s a combination of tricks and spins performed outdoors like Street, but without the obstacles in Street. The idea is to combine tricks and spins into a smooth set of motions.

Freestyle - Uni: 20”
Freestyle is one of the oldest disciplines and is considered and artistic discipline. It utilizes many skills and tricks that are arranged in a routine that is performed to music, and is often compared to figure skating. There are Individual, Pairs, and Group routines. Presentation and showmanship are a big part of the discipline. The routines are performed in a gym and are judged.

Hockey/Basketball - Uni: Any that’s set up for indoor use (plastic pedals) but most often a 20” for hockey. Basketball is 20 or 24 (to get a bit closer to the hoop.)
Just like it sounds, Uni Hockey and Basketball are played on unis in a gym. The courts are “enclosed” by barriers - often tables or bleachers with padding. There are teams of 5 on the court and the team may have subs, there are no age requirements and teams can be comprised of all ages and both male and female.

MUni - Uni: Varies. Most commonly a 24” or 29” with wider and knobbier tires. The frames are often more sturdy to withstand hops, drops, and rocks.
MUni means Mountain Unicycling. At Nationals, there are uphill technical, downhill technical and distance MUni races. All are also available as Male or Female Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. The uphill and downhill races are (really) short courses designed to test your ability. The distance is a longer course, similar to a mountain bike race.

Skills - Uni: Varies, but most often 20”. It’s suggested that you ride the uni on which you are most comfortable.
Skill Levels are a set of skills that are grouped and ranked so as to allow for levels. A rider must test at a lower level before progressing to a higher level. Testing is done by a certified Skills Tester and there are times set aside at Nationals just for testing for your level. There has been some discussion about altering and updating the skills, but for now, these are the accepted levels.
There are also the Hutch or Trials levels. The Trials levels were developed to incorporated more skills related to Street/ Flatland/ Trials and MUni riders. There is some overlap, but the two systems are not interchangeable and the Hutch Levels are not officially recognized.

Standard Skills
Standard skills combines Freestyle and Skills. The riders completes a routine that demonstrates the skills they are able to complete. They are not judged on music or costuming. They are awarded points for each skill mastered and demonstrated in the routine. A routine may contain up to 18 skills and be no longer than 3 minutes.

Street - Uni: Most often a 20”
Street is often compared to BMX riding and is done in skate park type settings. Street riding involves jumping off steps, huge flips, grinding rails and spinning the uni. For some competitions, depending on the host city and available facilities, the obstacles or “street” part are sometimes built site specific just for the competition.

Track - Uni: Varies, based on age, w/ younger racers allowed smaller wheels, but the standard is 24” with cranks no shorter than 125mm.
Track events are held on a track. They include 100m, 400m and 800m as well as 1-foot, wheel walk, and an obstacle course. Each National Host can add additional races, such as a slow race or backwards. All track races start from a “block” (upright post) and except for the 800m, you are disqualified if you dismount (you get 1 dismount in the 800). Track day is a great day for beginners to participate, if you can ride unassisted.
There are heats based on age and gender with the top riders competing in an Expert Heat. Scoring is timed and point based. The top 5 riders are awarded points. All riders are timed. So even if you don’t earn points, you are giving a time - this is great for shooting for personal bests or comparing yourself to others in different heats.

Trials - Uni: Usually a 20”, some larger men ride 24”
Trials riding is the riding of obstacles made up of pallets, stairs, boards and similiar objects without dismounting or touching anything. Trials are also called Observed Trials. During the competition there are a number of obstacles each rider may attempt to complete. Each obstacle is worth a set number of points based on which “line” you choose. A line is the designated order of completion for that obstacle. Each obstacle can have up to 3 lines for you to choose from, ranked from easiest to hardest. Each rider is given a card that must be signed by the obstacle judge upon completion of that obstacle. Observed Trials is also a good competition for beginner riders, as it is a point based system and you can try and best your points from the previous competition.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today is the Greatest Day...

We'll be indoors at the Butler Y today (and almost every other Saturday) from 4:30-6:30! Come enjoy the light, heat, and

Friday, November 11, 2011


What a perfect day to ride a uni.

Thank a Veteran.

Reminder: No Y time tomorrow. Unfortunately, a regular basketball tournament has the gym. Now, if it were a unicycle basketball tournament, that would be awesome.

Next Saturday we're at the Y again.

Also, thanks to the 9 new learners who showed up last week!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Wobble @ the Y this Saturday

This Saturday, November 12th, there will be a basketball tournament at the Y so the gyms will be closed. There will be NO UNICYCLING CLUB!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone again on the 19th from 4:30-6:60pm. Last week we had a great turn out and are looking forward to the possibilities this year! If you're still on the fence about learning - come out and watch! Riding's a ton of fun.

If you're on Facebook - look up the Butler Wobble and request to join the group. It's a great, quick way to stay in touch and find out what we're up to.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Brady's Run! Month of Mud is ONNNN!

Hey everybody! it's nate!

Dave, Isaac, and I just finished up our first race of the Month of Mud season. I'll admit that I was dreading the task, having been a bit of a slacker, missing many opportunities to ride this year. Dave says the better shape you're in, the more fun cycling is. Fortunately, unicycling is a fun way to get into shape. I don't know anyone that regrets going out for a ride once they get out there.

The thing about Month of Mud is that it is a great atmosphere for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. Mountain bikers are always welcoming to new riders, and are especially impressed by anyone on a uni.

Brady's run itself is a tough course with plenty of extended climbs, which is why Isaac and I have avoided it in the past. We enjoyed most of the race riding neck and neck, passing each other only when one of us would get hung up on on a root. Its been good to see how much Isaac has improved over the last year. He certainly gave me a run for my money. I think if he'd had the same size wheel as me, it would have been a whole different race.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season unfolds. Oct 2nd is the Cyclocross race at North Park. It should be the perfect course for beginners and for spectators. Hope to see y'all there!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday and Friday Night Rides

There has been some discussion as to what we've been up to lately. We've been playing outside. You're welcome to join us.

Thursday evenings, around 6:30-7pm, we've been spotted at Ritz Park in Butler. The park has tennis courts and a basketball court that we use for practicing skills. We use the grass, gravel road and small trail for beginner off road practice. It's a good little park to practice uphill and downhill and mixed terrain. Especially for the beginner who wants to try all those things but is intimidated by the traffic on the road or the difficulty of you standard mountain bike trail.

On that note, if you are a beginner and working on any new skill, don't be intimidated by our skills...we love watching and helping others learn new skills. We are always willing to lend a shoulder or arm (It's called "being a post" or just "post") - should free mounting be what's holding you back from practicing other skills. BTW, the tennis courts are a great place to practice free mounting.

On Friday nights we join the Butler Bicycles and Unicycles Friday Night Group Ride. It meets at 6pm in the parking lot on Main St. across from Pizza Joe's & Flynn's Tires. The bicyclists follow the approved bike routes through town. The Unicyclists take a different route, to use a few less traveled roads and practice hills. We also do a few laps at Memorial Park. This is a great way to learn road uni riding, while not being on the main roads. Again, beginners are welcome. If free mounting or fear of road riding are holding you back from joining us, please put those aside and join us! We are always willing to offer a shoulder and be a post to get you started. No matter how many times you UPD (Un-planned dismount). We frequently try the same section of road over and over again, taking turns, just to figure out how to get up the hill, over the pot-hole or past a section of bricks.

If you'd like to join us for either ride, please remember that helmets are strongly recommended - as they are mandatory for our inside rides and outdoor competitions it just makes sense to wear them any time you ride.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August and Everything After...

July was good for the Butler Wobble. The Parades went well. Unfortunately a software compatibility issue wouldn't let Dave's iPod edit and share the video from the Emlenton parade. It was quite the experience. Next year, you'll have to join us to find out!

If you read the banner above this entry, you'll see we're expanding our regular ride schedule. That's a result of some brainstorming sessions and conversations we had at NAUCC 2011. We want YOU to join us. Unicycling is fun and for everyone.

Speaking of joining us: we're looking to keep things even more up to date. The blog will have most of the info on it, but we've also opened a Butler Wobble Unicyclists group on facebook. It is a closed group, but we can get you in. We hope to be able to get more rides organized this way- and share more pictures.

Can't ride yet? You've got options. We'll be back at the Butler Y on Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm starting November 5th. If you can't wait that long, we're going to offer free lessons (outdoors) based upon interest and member availability. All you have to do is contact us and we can work it out.

For those who can already ride and may be looking for a first, second, or 17th unicycle: we've got some loaners. Until we work out a good library system you can't keep them, but you're welcome to go on a ride with us and test a different wheel size. We've got some 24s, a 29 (but you may have to fight Lisa for it), and a 36 (THANKS JOHN!) that we can bring (in addition to a pile of 20's). Friday nights might be a good time to check one out. You'll have to contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.

This all fits into our mid range plan: NAUCC 2012. At this point, it's scheduled for the Detroit area. That's pretty close for the National Convention and Championships. You should go. Isaac, Dave, and Lisa went this year. If you want to check out the results, here. That tells you about the competitions, but doesn't even give you half the story. The convention aspect was the most amazing part of the trip.

Shorter term plans include MUni rides throughout the month of August. Why? - We have the Oregon for testing. We're riding tonight at 6, and sometime Saturday with more rides to follow.

The Month of Mud is just around the corner. Keep checking back for more details, but most likely it's time to get your MUni on!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Parade Information- and Media too!

In order: July 4th Monroeville with Chas and Pro Bikes and Kids! We meet at Pro Bikes Monroeville at 8am. If that's too far to ride your uni, meet at Lisa and Dave's at 7am and we'll carpool. Parade starts at 9am.

July 8th: Downtown Butler Ride. Meet at the usual spot- in the parking lot across from Pizza Joe's (and those crazy cool bike/uni racks.) Rumor has it that the Butler Eagle will be taking pictures and doing a story on downtown rides. 36" unis especially welcome!

July 9th: Emlenton parade. See the blog post below for details.

Check the Fat Tire Challenge homepage for a couple of write ups on the June 18th race in Sigel. Scroll down and click the links. The unicycle article is also on the Post-Gazette site- specifically here. A HUGE thanks to Shannon (PG) and Liz (JCN) for covering the race. Thanks for not making us out to be a bunch of clowns!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Fast and Slow of it all

June 11th Autism Benefit at Mazzanti's:

Isaac makes it look easy.

Rick has only been riding since last winter! He's be become quite the climber and uses his uni a lot.

Yes, we were allowed to ride around the car show!

June 18th Fat Tire Challenge in Sigel (earlier I mistakenly said Brookville):

We had 6 in the Uni Class (an off road record for at least Western PA!). In the pic are: Claude, Isaac, Andy, Connor, Dave, and Buzz. 7.78 mi of good racing times. Look for a race writeup (including some uni info) in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this coming Saturday (the 25th). Thanks Shannon in advance for the article!

You might not recognize Claude, Connor, or Buzz. They aren't from around here. Claude made the trip from Germantown, MD; Connor from near Erie, PA; and Buzz from Rochester, NY. Good times.

An especially huge THANK YOU goes out to Michael and Mindy White for being the race organizers who were completely willing to not only accept, but embrace the concept of MUnis at the race. Now they just need to learn to ride a uni...

On the horizon: more goodness.

July 4th we'll be joining Chas from Pro Bikes for the Monroeville 4th of July Parade. Also joining us will be a bunch of kids on bikes. Human Power!

July 9th we'll be in Emlenton for a parade. The parade is at 6pm and Emlenton is a bit far to ride a uni to and make it home before dark so we'll carpool. Meet at Darn Yarn Needles and Thread (371 N Main St. in Butler) at 4:15 if you want in. We need to be there by 5pm. If you're meeting us in Emlenton, we'll be at the Post Office.

July 23-30th some of us will be at the annual North American Unicycling Convention and Championships in Madison, WI (this year). Lisa, Dave, and Isaac are competitors this year.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Next Weekend

Last Saturday was the Butler-Freeport Trail ride. Andy and Dave rode 36ers. Nate, Issac, and Brent rode bikes. 40+ miles of good times with a pizza stop in the middle and a Slurpee stop at the end.

This next weekend (11th-12th): Muni. Saturday will probably be very local and Sunday we'll look to head out for a drive to the start.

Also, we may be at Mazzanti's Beans and Cream for the car cruise/ Autism benefit on Saturday afternoon. Want to join us?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

June Looks Like Uni Month

First item of business, ride.

You will be able to find us all over the region in June.

June 4th we will be joining with our biking brethren for the inaugural Butler-Freeport rail trail ride. Although this won't be the first time it's been ridden, it will be the first time the trail is DONE! 45 miles of goodness round trip. You don't have to do the whole thing, but if you want to- pack a 36er (or Schlumpf) and we'll start from Butler at 9am. We'll do the downtown ride the night before (6pm) if anyone wants to make a weekend of it.

We were originally going to muni all over that weekend, but the rail trail ride is too important. We can still ride on Sunday this weekend, but it will be a bit less formal than the next bit.

MUni weekend has moved to the 10th-12th. Muni, polo, maybe some trials. More details to follow. You won't want to miss it!

The 18th is the Fat Tire Challenge in Brookville, PA. Check the entry form- there's a UNI CLASS!!!

Lots of riding is coming. You've got the rest of the month of May to get in shape.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Comes After April Showers?

Outside riding.

Reminder- next Saturday (the 30th) is the last day we'll be in the Y until October or November.

After we wrap up at 6:30, we'll be heading to Pizza Joe's- so bring some dough and get some dinner!

We have been going to Father Marinaro Skatepark most Thursday nights to ride, but it isn't always a definite. It's best to contact us if you plan on heading out. Honestly, we're itching to play some polo. We do that at other locales around Butler subject to court availability.

One thing we can say: Some of us will be headed to Madison, WI the last week of July for the North American Unicycle Championships and Convention. Saying it's amazing is an understatement. If you go, you will come back a better rider. If you don't, we'll refund your unicycling at the Y fees.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dates and Times

Friday, April 15th is not only tax day, but it is also Healthy Kids Day at the Y from 3-6 pm. Several of us will be there. Join if you like.

Saturday the 16th we will be packing it in just a bit early. We'll be done a bit before 6pm instead of the usual 6:30. It's a Steel City Derby Demons roller derby night and some of us are going! Even though they've got a lot more wheels than we do, it's a ton of fun to watch. If you want in, buy your tickets in advance because they'll sell out.

Saturday the 30th will be the last day for riding at the Y until October or November. Keep checking back here for where we'll be riding, but you'll need to bring your own uni. We won't be providing loaners.

Thursdays seem to be the gathering days for Father Marinaro Skatepark. We're there 6:30pm or so until close. Once again, bring your own uni (and protective gear!).

Saturday, April 2, 2011

End of Winter Sale

From now until the end of April, you can learn to unicycle for free Saturday afternoons at the Butler Y. 4:30-6:30pm in gym 1.

At the end of April, we'll be done indoors until October or November. You can still learn to ride, but you're on your own as far as unicycles go. We won't be taking loaners outside.

Trials/Street night at Father Marinaro is still in flux. When we settle, we'll get the info up here. We're probably looking at Thursdays or Wednesdays, but in spite of the calendar the weather hasn't been cooperating too much lately.

All the more reason to join us at the Y!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Do You Ever Leave the Gym?


2 Versions of the 3/26/11 Pre Y Ride:

1. Nate's:

So what if it’s a little cold outside? The sun is shining and that makes perfect weather for mUni riding. You’d be surprised how easily you stay warm when you’re pumping a unicycle through the mud and how quickly you’ll progress with the encouragement of a few other riders. That’s what Dave, Andy, Nate, Tony, and Isaac did this past Saturday. Andy had some interesting challenges for mUni Trials; you should check ‘em out:

(Video courtesy of Dave, Andy, and Isaac- and Dave's iPod)

(Note: change the resolution to 720p for best results)

2. Isaac's:

The First Butler Wobble Group Muni Ride of the Spring Season.

Saturday the 26th of March dawned with a beautiful clear sky and crisp cool air as 5 of the Butler Wobble's more skilled and adventurous riders converged on the Butler Little Theater parking lot to start the first group Muni ride of the spring season. As the first couple of riders arrived we occupied ourselves in small talk and playing at small street and trials skills rendered more difficult with the larger Muni wheels. As the last of our group arrived and we were preparing to ride out to take on the trails, someone noticed that Tony's tire was off bead. This was when the tone of the day was really set, instantly everyone was offering tire levers, and pumps, and friendly ribbing. With the help of Nate's enormous pump the problem was soon rectified and we were off to start the day by climbing Ritz Park on the way to the trails above Memorial Park.

We frequently ride the trails above Memorial Park, however trail conditions were rendered particularly interesting at the beginning of this ride. The cold had frozen the saturated soil and had pushed ice up out of the ground giving it a very unique texture. At one point we had a rather amusing group UPD, two members of our group fell almost simultaneously, resulting in a domino effect causing every member of the group to have fallen off at the same time.

On our second loop through the trails one of the brothers Manfred spotted a couple of logs next to a fire pit and suggested that they would be fun to jump on. We stopped and those of the group with adequate skill and courage took turns jumping on to and across the logs while the others offered encouragement, suggestions, and some friendly ribbing. Once we exhausted the possibilities of the fire pit area we decided to move on to the Memorial Park hills, and Lower Alameda.

The first hill down to Memorial Park is deceptively challenging. It is short, but steep, rutted, and leaf filled. Again with this small challenge a deep sense of camaraderie prevailed as each of us took as many tries at the hill as we felt we needed to accomplish it to our personal satisfaction. The second downhill into the park is much more intimidating, and used to be a source of much trepidation as a beginner Muni rider. This ride it seemed almost anti-climactic. It is very clear, from small aspects of the ride like this one that all of us have improved significantly from last year. As we cut down into the park proper several kids and parents at ball practice called out in surprise and admiration at the site of unicyclists riding over the hill. At this point one of the big advantages of group riding was clearly evident as one of the group members took a great line that no one else saw, jumping off of the road bed, on to a small bank and riding it out. This was a particularly fun line as it was accessible to every member of the group with a few tries and encouragement.

For the next stage of our ride, we moved to the service road at the back of Lower Alameda Park. From the beginning it was clear that this stage of our ride would be a bit of an adventure. Apparently loggers had been in to ply their trade in some regard, perhaps to 'clean up' trees downed by the soggy winter and heavy winds. The dirt roads were torn and rutted and tree tops frequently protruded into the trail. This might seem like a big disappointment, however the ruts and mud made an otherwise uninteresting ride on a dirt road into a much more technical and physical challenge somewhat reminiscent in parts of the Grove City race in the local Month of Mud racing series. One unexpected disappointment resulting from the logging action was that a rather technical cross trail that we enjoy was impassably choked with downed tree tops, forcing us to bushwhack our way back to the main road.

Shortly after regaining the main road Andy spotted a new source of challenge and amusement, a couple of large logs stacked against the bank along the edge of the road. As a group we stopped to work out how to make Andy's suggested challenge of jumping off the bank onto the logs and then jumping down to the road workable. With some group collaboration and Dave and Andy's skilled experimentation with different approaches the challenge was overcome and an additional challenge of riding the logs as a skinny was taken and achieved. This was the last major Muni challenge for the day and the ride back along the paved park road was a nice cool down before heading off to encourage some new riders at uni club to refine their skills so they can join us in future Muni mayhem.

I hope you read all of Isaac's report. YouTube is ok, but the written word is better.

Yeah, you should join us. Unicycling is AWESOME!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indoors/ Outdoors

We're still practicing at the Y on Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm. There's no better time to learn than now. It looks like the weather will be taking a turn for the better and soon we'll be hitting up Father Marinaro skatepark to ride Western PA's only public (and free to boot!) uni trials course. We'll post when that definitely happens, but you'll want to be ready.

If you've been wanting to join us to learn unicycling, the time is now. When attendance drops off at the Y towards the end of April we'll put Saturdays on hold until the Fall.

Don't miss out! -Especially since Polo season is coming.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011- A Good Year to Unicycle

We've heard it's been said that 10 hours is the average time it takes to learn to ride a unicycle, but we've found with this crew it's been a lot less.

It seems that having others around who are working towards the same goal has accelerated the learning process. About half the riders in the video are at the 6 hour mark or less.

Join us at the Butler Y on Saturdays through April. 4:30-6:30pm. Sign a waiver and wear a helmet. We have extra loaner unis if you need one for the day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Unicycle?

Another (relatively) quick video on unicycling basics. This time it's about choosing a unicycle. There's a lot more information out there on the topic, and as always, come join us for a ride and we can talk shop!

Yes, we will be riding this Saturday since we haven't been invited to perform at halftime during Sunday's Superbowl.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unicycle Basics- You CAN ride

Here's the first in a series of (somewhat) instructional videos. They'll all be free. You'll get a little more than you pay for.

Upon review, there were a lot of details left out. The big idea we went for is that falling off a unicycle won't (most likely) kill you.

Catch up with us Saturdays at the Y.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New You for 2011

Last Saturday was the first Y unicycle gathering of 2011. We were down a few regulars, but up 6 first time riders! They all practiced hard and made a lot of progress towards being able to ride.

We've been thinking for a while how to ride locally and encourage globally so we're launching an informational series about - you guessed it- unicycles. (Are you actually surprised?) If you're looking for a bunch of extreme riding synced to hip soundtracks you'll probably be disappointed. We're going with a more documentary style approach that will attempt to put all things unicycling in one spot without a lot of extra frills (for now).

Here's a quick preview:

If your interest is piqued, join us Saturdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the Butler Y.