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Sunday, July 4, 2010

BCSR Preride Prelim Info

After preriding the Rás course today (day 2 of BCSR - the 18th) we decided that it might be a good idea to preview "the hill" before the race for those not familiar with the area. Why? because in the words of Krusty the Clown- "Gravity is a harsh mistress." It's steep, but rideable although some may argue with me on that.

SO- Friday the 16th we're going to meet in Renfrew, PA by the Post Office at 4:30 pm to take a peek. You can go there anytime you want as the roads are public, but it might be nice to get all unis together for a trip up the beast.

Our tenative Friday the 16th schedule looks something like this:

4:30pm -Rás Preview (mainly focusing on the big climb. It was agreed on today's preride that the rest of the course is pretty standard, so after a trip or two up we'll probably pile in a few cars and take a drive around the course.

6pm -Downtown tour. We'll preview the TT and crit course the best we can without actually riding Main St (and doing a 180 in the middle of traffic!) For those who are joining up at that point we will meet in the city lot between East North and East Brady Streets. It's easy to find and it's across from the Burger Hut.

7:15pm ish- En masse uni registration.

Eat somewhere afterwards. Sleep. Rise and race!

Visit www.butlercountystagerace.blogspot.com for more race details. It has info for both bikes and unis. This site is for the uni specific information.

If you plan on arriving Saturday- look at the race times and get to Diamond Park BEFORE 8am to fill out the necessary paperwork and register. It would be VERY helpful if you give us a head's up as we weren't planning on Saturday registrations for the 3 race series.