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Monday, June 28, 2010

Yet Another BCSR post!

To some reading this you may be currently experiencing Deja vu (Sorry-I have no idea how to get the special characters).

This is another reminder that July 17-18 we're hosting a stage race here in Butler, PA. www.butlerstagerace.blogspot.com is the site for most of the details with unicycle specific info showing up at www.butlerwobble.blogspot.com . Unicycle racing isn't that common on this coast. We have a very unique opportunity here to have some fun and show bicyclists and unicyclists aren't just about a circus sideshow- NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

Personally, I can't juggle and haven't found the time to learn. It's cool if people are into that, but the range of what unicyclists can do is rapidly expanding. I just watched a 26" street video on unicyclist.com. Amazing. I probably won't ever be able to ride like that, but that doesn't stop me from building some uni trials stuff at the local skatepark (right now about 15 pallets and some 2x4s screwed together) because I'm hoping someone around here is going to get into unicycling and will need support. I'm personally not big into freestyle, but we have gym time throughout the winter that a few of you have made it out to. I'll try both disciplines, but they're not entirely my cup of coffee (I'm not that much of a tea drinker). The point is: all of unicycling needs our support.

Check out the sites. We've been given a TREMENDOUS opportunity here to engage the cycling public and the general public. Unfortunately, I honestly don't think people understand the potential. The response I've had from emails and unicyclist.com posts I've received has been lackluster at best. We essentially get the same elite amateur courses the bicyclists get for next to nothing. It costs THOUSANDS of dollars to put on this event and we're getting in for almost free.

Why would we be invited in the first place? A large uni showing looks good for the event. It is critical that we have a LARGE turnout on the 17th. There are 2 options for the weekend. One is for (essentially) 36ers and Schlumpfs to do all 3 races. The reasons we have to limit are the Time Trial and the Road Race. We are able to use these courses, but they come at a price. We only get enough time to get about 30 unis on the TT with the last rider getting 45min to complete the 6.5 mile mostly flat course. We have to essentially be done before the bikes (which can be going 30mph) have to worry about us being a bit in the way. The road race is a logistical nightmare integrating with the bikes. We get 3 hours at the maximum on the course. I rode 3 laps in 2:00:56 a few weeks ago so it shouldn't be a problem, but we have to plan for everything.

Option 2 is the Crit only. This event is for EVERYONE who can ride a uni. We'll be on a downtown closed course with a pile of non-unicyclists who are out to see the race. This race should be a ton of fun. Honestly, it's as much about the public exposure as it is the ride itself. Anyone who gets this email should at least consider this. We're charging a whopping $5 entry fee (we need to contribute some money towards the event). We'll even have some prizes.

We're just under 3 weeks away and I've only got about a dozen riders who have committed to the race. If you have a 36er (or possibly a 29er) and think you could do a 10k in 45ish minutes we would like to have you here. An option to consider might be to sign up for the 3 race series and then only do the first day's 2 races and skip the second day. In the grand scheme of racing, a $30 entry fee for 2 races is REALLY cheap. Ideally I'd like to have a full field for the 2 days, but I may have to realistically accept the fact that people don't want to race on a difficult open road course. If you do decide on doing both days, there are options for 1,2,or 3 laps. I haven't seen much interest in the 1-lap option yet, but it will be there in case it's needed.

I'm finalizing prizes and swag with some sponsors and I'll get those details once the boxes arrive. In the interest of keeping entry fees low, I didn't put a lot of our entry money towards just the top people winning lots of money. I'm going as deep as I can and sharing the wealth.

If you're not going to U Games, you need to be here on July 17th (and hopefully the 18th). We need a strong showing in the number of unicyclists for the first year of this soon to be annual event or we may not have this opportunity next year.

Please email me if you will be coming or you have further questions that www.butlerwobble.blogspot.com or www.butlercountystagerace.blogspot.com don't answer.

I can't stress enough how generous the promoters have been to include unicycles in this event. We need to return on their investment.

Oh yeah, you'll need to be a USA member to participate. You can join at registration (it's only $20, but it gets us insurance coverage and you get a whole lot more!). Also: Helmets and gloves (or wristguards) are necessary. Kneepads are highly encouraged.

Ride on.

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