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Monday, June 21, 2010

BCSR and Wed Wobble Meeting info

BCSR- please be sure to check the official site for start times and course details. Since we're using the same courses as the bikes most of the data is pertinent. Also, prizes are being secured and we're working on getting some swag for all registrants with the nod going towards the 3 race riders.

On that note: there seems to have been a bit of confusion of what people can race.

The simplified version is: unlimited class- over 16yrs old AND greater than a 29" wheel (a 29er may be ok, but you'll have to contact us personally). On the 17th there will be a "B" crit where we want EVERYONE who can ride a uni to ride in it. This is the chance to put on a show for the spectators who are there to watch the bikes and unis.

Registration: $30 for all 3 races. $5 for the "B" crit. EVERYONE MUST BE A Unicycling Society of America MEMBER TO RIDE! (insurance reasons)

Helmets are NOT optional. They are mandatory.

In other news:

Wed Wobble Meeting at the skatepark (6/23) is cancelled this week due to the skatepark being closed for the week.

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