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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

USA! - The Unicycling Society of America AND #UnicyclesAreAThing

As we noted in the last post, we're all about people trying unicycling for free.

So are our friends at  #UnicyclesAreAThing.  They are friends in real life and not just virtually (as many things go these days). And, while they are now one of the newest Unicycling Society of America affiliated clubs, they already have some positive press in the Post-Gazette Uni Story that ran recently.

And though they are now a new official club, they've been functioning for a few years with the same mission as we have: get people to try unicycling for FREE!

There's a good chance that if you're reading this and are in the Pittsburgh region that you've already had the opportunity to join them or us (Butler Wobble) to try riding.

I know I've mentioned the FREE aspect a whole lot recently. As with anything though, there is a cost incurred somewhere by someone.

In the case of almost anything in our society, there are times when liability insurance is necessary. If you have a home or a car, you know this exists. It's an American thing that people tend to get litigious in a hurry. And while you might not be that person, anytime there's something that involved a perceived risk, there can be a need to protect against that person who may try to sue.

So. Here's what you can do about helping the unicycling cause. Please consider joining the Unicycling Society of America. It's only $20 a year for an Individual Membership or $35 a year for a Family Membership (all at the same address). If you ride with us (either #UnicyclesAreAThing or Butler Wobble), please specify us as your club when filling out the form. Having the people who ride with us and help us with demos members allows us to have liability insurance when we need it at no additional cost to any of our members. Neither Butler Wobble nor #UnicyclesAreAThing have any other dues to be members.

If you ride a unicycle, you should join the Unicycling Society of America. They are interested in connecting unicyclists with each other as well as sponsoring events and supporting USA affiliated clubs.

Seriously, if you've ridden with us, think just how awesome it's been to try something for free. How often else can you do that beyond a couple of initial classes. In the grand scheme of life, unicycling is cheap. Please help keep it that way.

Consider joining the Unicycling Society of America. If you need a direct link to the membership page: it's here.

We've been on a mission to get people to learn about the fun of one for free. So are our friends at #UnicyclesAreAThing. Please help us keep it that way. Your support helps us when we need insurance to be at events with unis so that more people can try unicycling.

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