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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wood Fest Recap and the (R)Ides of March

First up- New News:

Lumber Cross, the indoor cyclocross race at The Wheel Mill will have a unicycle division.  We will be racing a bit later in the evening.  The uni race will be sometime after 7pm.  http://www.thewheelmill.com/lumber-cross-2016/

That means our Y session most likely will only be from 4:30-5:30 on the 5th so we can head to Pittsburgh to catch some of the bike racing fun as well.

The next weekend, March 12, the YMCA will be having an evening event requiring both gyms so we will not be meeting to ride indoors.

Now- The Wood Fest Recap:

To say this was an AMAZING event would be an understatement.  The contests were a blast for both the bikes and unis (sometimes both at the same time), the uni demos were a success, and the hanging out was off the hook- and went well into the next morning.  Since this was year 2 with camping, it's looking like it's an annual event.  If you ride unis or bikes or both, you should plan on making the trip next year.

Jesse was the ONLY rider, bike or uni, to clear the skinny in the first contest of the day.

The next competition was a the game of Uni (or MTB or Bike as it is sometimes known).  It involved a rider marking a line, and then riding it.  If they did and another rider didn't, the rider not clearing the line got a letter.  The line setter rotated through those in the group.  Once a rider got Uni (or MTB), they were out.  This continued until there was only one rider left.  We unfortunately didn't get any uni pics of this event, but here's one of the bikes:

(Don sometimes does ride a uni, so it works.)

While unis of all wheel sizes from 12"-36" were available throughout the day, courtesy of THICK Bikes, we had specifically set aside 3pm as the learn to ride session.

Fun for kids-

And bigger kids.

Suz and Jen came specifically for the uni demos!  They ended up riding for well past the scheduled hour and look forward to adding unicycling to their pedaling experience.

Next up (4pm) was the Footdown contest:

Daniel ended up winning the next 2 bike/uni mixed rounds.

After that was over, it was on to the Swap Meet and a chance to hang out for a while.

The final (official) contest of the night was the Cross Country Time Trial.  If you've ever seen video of spectators at the Tour de France lining the streets and making a ruckus, you know what this looks like.  Except this was indoors, and possibly louder and even more concentrated fun.

After this was over and the non-campers packed it in for the day (around 9:30 or so), the real shenanigans began with the Second Annual Indoor Disc Golf Championships of the Milky Way Galaxy taking place.  After that, there were s'mores.  And Karaoke.

Then some of us tried to sleep, while others fought it off until at least 3:30am.

Either way, the coffee and pastries Harry picked up from Zeke's for the overnighters were quite welcomed the next morning.

Last year's Wood Fest was fantastic.  This year it was even better.  We can't predict how the next one will go, but we can assure you we'll be in attendance.  We hope you will be too.

(Thanks to Sarah for the pics (3 and 4) and the videos.  Thanks to the Wheel Mill for pics 1,2, and 5.)