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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fridays and Science!

Photo: Come hang out with us and have a good time at our #uni skinny challenge starting at 7:30pm!

Last night's overall winners of the Skinny Contest were Daniel Collins (for the males) and Danielle Millett (for the females).  A huge thanks to The Wheel Mill and G-Form for inventing and sponsoring the event.  G-Form awarded a set of pads for each winner!

The 15 minute jam format was a lot of fun, but the contest was only the beginning of the evening's good times.  Hopefully we'll get to see the official pics from the contest sometime soon.  Friday night mUni nights at The Wheel Mill have indeed turned out to be fun for the entire family.  Last night we had riders ages 10 and up.  Up didn't stop at 40 either.

As much fun as it was, many of us are going to be taking a break from The Wheel Mill this Friday the 24th to be part of a 21+ Night at The Carnegie Science Center.  The theme is Circus Science!  While we don't personally do many circus-like activities with our unis, we do see the connection.  We also can't resist the chance to ride our unis around the Science Center and share the fun of one with people who might not think it's for them otherwise.  We'll bring some loaner unis so people can give it a go.  It's always fun to give adults the chance to try something new.  (Please do note, the night is for those ages 21 and over.)

Hope to see you there.

As always, don't forget we're at the Butler YMCA indoors on Saturdays from 4:30-6:30.  Feb. 1st is coming soon and we'll be heading out to eat that night after riding.

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