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We're indoors in the Winter at the Butler YMCA on Saturdays from 4 - 6pm (Except last Saturday of the month)We're outdoors in the other seasons (well, sometimes in Winter as well too).

Friday, December 27, 2013

Yes, We're Here!

First up, the schedule: we'll be at The Wheel Mill tonight and every Friday night (unless the weather gets too dicey to make the drive) from 7pm to close.  You are welcome to start earlier as unicycles are welcome when the doors are open.  If you only have one uni, you may also want to note that we have loaners available for FREE while you're there.  Ask at the desk.  There are two Trials unis and two 24" mUnis in stock at all times.

As far as the Butler YMCA time goes on Saturdays- we'll be there every Saturday through at least early April from 4:30-6:30pm.  It's free to ride.  A waiver needs signed and a helmet needs worn.  We have extra loaner unis there too.

That brings us to the next point: the Y time has been extremely popular the last few weeks- so much so that we've had almost all of our dozen loaner unis in use!  That's AWESOME!  However, please be patient with us as sometimes we have to share the loaner unis.  We're so thankful that this has gone incredibly smoothly this year and everyone has been understanding of the situation.  With that being said, we're guessing that a few of those who have been borrowing have moved to owning unis over this holiday season.  Excellent!  We need to remind you that unis being ridden inside the YMCA must have plastic pedals (on the ends) and plastic guards on the seat to protect the floor.  Most unicycles come this way so it's not usually an issue, but if you have a knobby tired mUni or trials uni, it may be.

Remember: tomorrow is the last chance to ride with us in 2013 at the YMCA!  The first weekend of the New Year we go out to dinner after the YMCA session- so plan accordingly.

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