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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013- The Year of the Uni

Here's how a few of us started 2013:

It's no secret we like to ride unicycles. We also hope it's not a secret that we think you should try it too. Unicycling is a great is great for core strength and balance- something almost every human needs. As always, this is the plug: Join us (indoors!) at the Y on Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm to try unicycling for yourself. It's totally free- no charge to get into the YMCA and no fee for the class.

Caution: many who try unicycling find that they like it.

We're REALLY pushing it this year as there are a few up and coming events that are really exciting in 2013.

First, THE unicycling national convention, NAUCC 2013, IS IN BUTLER COUNTY THIS JULY! Yes, those are capital letters for emphasis. If you miss it, even as a spectator, you will regret it. If you can ride a uni, you should register (when the time comes) and attend. We expect 300+ people and a lot of WORLD Champions to be in attendance. Can you imagine seeing someone hop over 4 feet high on a unicycle? How about ride at close to 30mph? What about play hockey or basketball on a uni?

It's a big deal. This is the first time EVER the national convention has been in PA.

What other sport can you hang out with the top names in the sport for a week?

Enough about that for now. On to the next exciting event: The 6 Hours of Brady's Run mountain bike race has a unicycle classes. It's definitely not something for beginners, but it is going to be a lot of fun. I've been racing Brady's Run as part of the Month of Mud series for the past 10 years, and it's always been one of my favorite courses. It's very challenging, but ride-able on both 2 and one wheel- for Advanced and Expert level MUni riders. The fact that there's an endurance race less than an hour away is something to get REALLY EXCITED ABOUT!

We'll be attending Dirt Fest again this year too. This event is not a race. It's a chance to camp and hang out with some cool people and ride great trails in Raystown Lake, PA.

There will be other events that we'll be attending too. As always, you're welcome to join us. The unicycling community is a great group of people.

Show up at the Y on a Saturday and find out!

Oh yeah, if you join us this week, we'll be heading out to dinner at a local restaurant after our Y time. Join us.

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