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We're indoors in the Winter at the Butler YMCA on Saturdays from 4 - 6pm (Except last Saturday of the month)We're outdoors in the other seasons (well, sometimes in Winter as well too).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Returning the Favor

The Butler Y has been incredibly supportive since the Butler Wobble started in 2009. It's safe to say we wouldn't have been able to get so many people so excited about unicycling in such a short time if it weren't for their wholehearted support. Thanks to their help we've been able to get dozens of people riding. They've given us the space to practice. They've allowed us to offer unicycling lessons to the community for FREE.

They see the bigger picture. Unicycling is all about fun. It's an incredible workout. It's for a much bigger demographic than clowns and children. Actually, our demographic has surprised all of us. Most of our riders didn't ride before 2009. A lot of our ridership didn't start until well after they were of voting age.

Every now and then we get a chance to say "Thanks!" The picture at the top of this post is from our annual appearance at Healthy Kids Day. Rick and Adam are caught helping a couple of first timers. It's not hard to catch those two assisting others. It's just part of who they are. They're a great example of the people who make up our roster.

Adam has been with us since the start. I remember the day at the Ritts Park tennis courts when he left the fence and started riding unassisted. That was the Summer/Fall of 2008.

Rick joined us in the Winter of 2010-2011 (I think). He wanted to learn to unicycle to improve his balance and core strength. He said at 57 he knew he needed to work on those areas and he didn't want to hit the weight room. He turned to unicycling. He's been one of our biggest advocates- not only because he's really taken to 36er riding, but because he keeps recruiting new riders.

These are a just couple of people in our neighborhood.

We've got one more open session indoors- next Saturday, May 5th. We're going out to eat afterwards. Join us.

Just because we're done for the indoor season doesn't mean we're going to be done riding for the season. We're looking to have weekly uni meet ups around the area. These will still be free, but we won't be focusing on teaching people how to ride. We won't have loaner unicycles available all the time like we do at the Y. It's time for those who can ride to have some outdoor fun. That, and we REALLY want to play some uni hockey.

But the most important date at this point is May 12th. It's another opportunity we have to thank the Y. The Beyond the Basics Uni Workshop with Connie Cotter will be well worth your time. Register now- either online (see a post or two below) or by picking up a form and registering at the Y. The phone number there is (724)-287-4733. If you call during normal M-F business hours ask for Allison. She can help you register.

All the registration money goes to the Y to support them and the good work they do in the community.

Like giving people the chance to try unicycling for free.