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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Uni Weekend May 11-13, 2012


May 12th at the Butler Y. So you can ride a uni? What now? Learn new mounts and skills, uni maintenance, and games that can be played on a uni.

Presenter: Connie Cotter — Instructor Highlights include Level 10 (highest level possible) rider; past President of the Unicycling Society of America and the Twin Cities Unicycling Club; Chaired the International Unicycling Federation Rule Book Committee and was one of the organizers of Ride The Lobster-the 2008 800km unicycle stage race. She's traveled the world riding, promoting, and teaching unicycling for the past 30 years.

Fee: $20/rider or $50/family of 3 or more riders.

Register online through the Butler YMCA beginning March 12, 2012. Pre registration only. Space is limited to 40 riders. (It is also recommended that you be a current USA member, as we will be doing skill testing and learning USA approved skills. USA membership is also required for Nationals. If you will be joining us in July @ Nationals, now is the time to enroll in USA!)

Registrants must currently be able to ride a uni unassisted. Helmets are mandatory! Unis must be equipped with plastic pedals and non marking tires.

Contact Dave Krack at butlerwobble@gmail.com if you would like to borrow a uni for this event.

Saturday, May 12th Schedule: Saturday: (at the Butler YMCA):

 Check - in/ Registration 9:30 am
 Workshop I - 10:30 am - 12:30 pm; Freemounts, Level 2 & 3 skills, Level 4+ skills (if needed)
 Lunch Break - 12:30 pm - 1:30pm (Brown Bag It)
 Workshop II - 1:30pm - 3:30pm; uni maintenance taught by Mr. Dave, uni games, game rules and how to play them safely on a uni. More skills too!
 Workshop III - 4:00pm - 6pm; Skill testing, Backwards and advanced skills & tricks.
 Dinner after at local restaurant, TBD. All are welcome to join, including parents, siblings and spouses of participants.

NOTE: All workshops will be based upon participants’ abilities. The initial level suggestions are only guidelines.

Friday and Sunday: Fun Rides! (Not Y affiliated)

Butler YMCA ▪ 339 N. Washington Street ▪ Butler PA 16001 ▪ P 724 287 4733 ▪ www.bcfymca.org

More INFO? Contact sihlenfeld@bcfymca.org OR butlerwobble@gmail.com


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