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Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Finally Have (A) Class

We came, we saw, we raced.

Today we took the top 5 places at the Month Of Mud (www.monthofmud.org)- in the unicycle class.

Conditions were... interesting. Typical October 'Cross weather- rainy, cold, and muddy. Not the ideal conditions for unicycling, let alone unicycling on 36ers as Andy, Tony, and Dave found out. Isaac tried a 29er for the first time- and decided that the day of the race wasn't the time to switch to an unfamiliar wheel. This year's Nate lapped last year's Nate and finished 3 laps 20 minutes faster than last year's 2 laps.

Things ended with a sprint finish between Andy, Isaac, and Dave. Historically, this was not only the first time Western PA has had enough unis at a cyclocross/mountain bike race to have a class, but also the first sprint finish as well.

In spite of the cold, wet, mud, and rain we all had a great time (at least we'll feel that way tomorrow).

Two more races in the series. We'll be in full force for the North Park Time Trial. Moraine- not so much, but we will be represented.

If you've been looking forward to gym time at the Y, keep checking back. We'll get details up when we're ready to head back inside.

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