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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marching On

We've had a great run of unusual weather around here. March usually isn't in the high 50's or low 60's and sunny. Now that the snow is gone (it went from unrideably deep to non-existent in less than a week) we've been heading outside more and more. Pockets of unicyclists have been springing up around town. That's good.

Since we're unsure how long this weather is going to last, we're still maintaining Saturdays at the YMCA until probably the end of April. While it's tough to head indoors when the weather's so beautiful it does have its advantages. Flat surfaces lined with walls and bleachers are ideal for learning to ride. Our trend of having new riders each week continues. Last time I checked our YMCA roster was around 30 or so. That's fantastic.

The list of people who can check of the "Can ride a unicycle" box on a job application is expanding. Recently we've added Ben, Kelly, Brett, Adam (#2), Matt, Dan (thanks to Lisa for bringing the last 3), and Bruce.

Bruce is amazing. He's definitely the most "Experienced" of the lot- as in he's taken the most laps around the sun. You can ask him how many when you meet him. He's the guy in Butler on one wheel.

Oh wait, that could be any number of people.

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