Upcoming Wobble Sightings

Indoor Sessions: Friday Nights at The Wheel Mill are Family and Uni Nights with discounted admission for Unicyclists. We typically attend many nights throughout the winter.

We're kicking off our 10th year of FREE indoor unicycle classes at Butler Y starting December 1st on Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm. We have loaner unis and helmets, but if you can bring your own, great!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June and July Both Start the Same Way

The pic above is from our first NAUCC 2013 promotional stop at the Carnegie Science Center.  A raging success- not just because we got to ride our unis around the Center, but because we piqued the interest of attendees.  Speaking of that, we had over 80 people sign the waiver and try unicycling for the first time.  Instagram was busy that night.  Over 2 Night + BIKES exhibit + unicycles = Good times.

This is what Kevin put together from our most recent mUni Monday at The Wheel Mill:

As you can see, we're aiming to spread the word that unicycling is fun and you can do it if you want to.

Our next appearances are at the Miracle Mile parade with Pro Bikes on July 4th- with another appearance on the Butler Freeport Rail Trail at the new stop in Herman.  We'll also be at the Science Center again on July 6th.

It's all about this:  www.uninationals2013.com.  July 21st-27th.

That's where the real fun will be!